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Find out more about natural peeling and exfoliation.

ThumbExfoliation or Peeling help to avoid stretch marks

WHY EXFOLIATION IS SO IMPORTANT FOR MOMS TO BE ? 75 to 90% of pregnant woman have chance of getting stretch marks during pregnancy. Your individual risk of getting stretch marks is strongly influenced by heredity however you don't have to leave your body to chance of getting life time stretch marks. Read more >>


ThumbHow to Exfoliate Skin While Pregnant

Get some tips of how to exfoliate your skin while pregnant with natural materials and Harem's Secret Glove. Get a healthy glow in natural ways!


ThumbWhy to Exfoliate the Skin?

Our skin renews on average every 30 days, and as we age our skin needs help to remove the old skin cells in order to stay healthy and look good.

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