Exfoliating Face Glove/ Mitt for Perfect Skin!

100% Raw Silk + Lip Peeling

Prepare your skin to take the best of Sun this summer! With our HS Exfoliating face Glove made of 100% Raw Silk, you will get rid of old skin cell and get maximum advantage of sun bath! Do it right - do not suntan your "dead skin cells"! Our exfoliating face glove removes not only tired skin cells but a make-up and creams leftovers by cleansing pores. Now your skin is ready to take all vitamins and minerals of sun and sea!

Harem's Secret Exfoliating Face glove is also suitable for lip exfoliation that makes your lips more reddish, softer and attractive.

PLEASE allow 24 hours after exfoliating before long-lasting exposure to the sun.

Harem's Secret Exfoliating Gloves have been tested by German Dermatest Company and got "VERY GOOD" certificate. Dermatest garentees that Harem's Secret Exfoliating Gloves are non-irritative, non-toxic and natural products. Read more here>>


1) Quickly and easily exfoliates the skin
- instantly reveals cleaner, fresher, clearer skin. Prepares it for a suntan.
- helps to keep pores clean and open
- promotes skin's natural exfoliating process

2) Increases skin's micro-circulation
- increases oxygen and moisture absorption
- helps prepare the skin for serums and creams

3) Helps to restore evenness of the skin tone & texture.
- improves the appearance of dark spots and other skin imperfections

4) Gently exfoliates chapped lips for more healthier, softer lips.

Benefits of Raw Silk:

• Specially selected for FACE sensitive skin
• PH-neutral and hypoallergenic
• Silk has a skin-like protein structure
• Skin-friendly as silk soothes the skin


What Our Customers Say:

"I love the glove: I've never had anything so wonderful for scrubbing off my skin as one of these gloves." Hillary H., MA, U.S.A.


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