Pregnancy Exfoliating Body Glove/ Mitt

100% Raw Silk


:::: Exfoliating Beauty Glove/Mitt for BODY that helps you to fight Stretch Marks :::
100% Organic Raw Silk Peeling

75 to 90% of pregnant woman have chance of getting stretch marks during pregnancy. Your individual risk of getting stretch marks is strongly influenced by heredity however you don't have to leave your body to chance of getting life time stretch marks. One of the easy and FIRST condition and step to elastic and "ready" for pregnancy skin is a healthy regular EXFOLIATION, which maximizes your skin's resilience and help to fight pregnancy stretch marks.

Exfoliating skin before applying stretch mark products improves the absorption of moisturizing ingredients and enhances their delivery by increasing blood flow to the area. It is also very important for Exfoliator to be 100% natural, pregnancy-safe- that is why Harem's Secret Exfoliating Body Glove made of 100% Organic Raw Silk that is free from any chemicals, artificial colorants, etc. As stretch marks not only appear on a belly we suggest you to use Harem's Secret Exfoliating Glove all over the body.

Harem's Secret Exfoliating Gloves have been tested by German Dermatest Company and got "VERY GOOD" certificate. Dermatest garentees that Harem's Secret Exfoliating Gloves are non-irritative, non-toxic and natural products. Read more here>>

Harem's Secret Exfolaiting Body Glove is also:

1) Quickly and easily exfoliates the skin
- instantly reveals cleaner, fresher, clearer skin.
- helps to keep pores clean and open
- promotes skin's natural exfoliating process

2) Increases skin's micro-circulation
- increases oxygen and moisture absorption
- helps prepare the skin for serums and creams

3) Helps to restore evenness of the skin tone & texture.
- improves the appearance of dark spots and other skin imperfections

Best Exfoliating Glove Mitt Peeling

What Our Customers Say:

"Real pregnancy helper when it comes for using non-cosmetic and natural products" Madison K., TX, U.S.A.


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