Useful Tips

  • For hygienic reasons renew exfoliating mitt/glove every 2 month. No matter how clean we are trying to keep our exfoliating gloves tiny dead skin cells after some time block the threads and prevent maximum exfoliation.
  • Exfoliating with Harem Secret Glove/Mitt opens the skin pores and increases absorbtion and effectiveness of any skin care products.
  • If you feel like your skin gets a little irritated - be gentle, even with little force applyed Harem Secret Exfoliting Glove will do its job.
  • For the perfect and even suntan, use Harem Secret Exfoliating Glove as minimum as 12 hours before you expose yourself to the sunlight.
  • Harem Secret Gloves also help your feets to stay lovely!
  • What You Need to Know

    Our skin renews on average every 30 days, and as we age our skin needs help to remove the old skin cells in order to stay healthy and look good.

    The Harem's Secret Natural Exfoliating Mitt/Glove easily and quickly removes dead skin cells through natural peeling revealing a silkier skin layer and boosts blood circulation instantly improving the skin look.

    With Harem's Secret Natural Exfoliating Mitt/Glove your skin gets the look of finest silk with no cosmetic and chemical products in less then 30 minutes in comfort of your home!