Exfoliating Body Face Mitt Scrub

Clinically Tested-Natural-Effective

We are proud to be Clinically Tested!

HS Exfoliating Mitts are clinically tested by DermaTest (Germany), recommended by dermatologists as effective and safe for all skin types! HS products include natural exfoliators-exfoliating skin gloves for body and face, natural Honey soaps, sponges.

Exfoliating body glove natural peeling

The perfect skin stars with EXFOLIATION, that is why Harem's Sectret exfoliating gloves are indispensible and are BEST SELLING EXFOLIATING gloves worldwide! Made of raw poplar and raw silk - makes them 100% natural, NO other textured gloves/mitts can claim that!

The scientific research had proven that silk has the power to protect and care for the skin, and promote an overall healthy skin. There ISN'T ANY OTHER natural fibre that can dare to match as silk.

Harem's Secret exfolaiting gloves are best especially when it comes to:

  • ingrown hair,
  • skin imperfactions (acne, scars),
  • stretch marks (exfoliating glove is a must have in pregnancy),
  • cellulite,
  • tired and dry skin,
  • best for a perfect sunten,
  • natural peeling,
  • makes creams and other skincare products work more effectively,
  • and many more benefits of exfoliating...
  • .....simply radiant, clear and beautiful skin!
  • Exfoliating is a key for healthy and radiant skin! And exfoliating with Harem's Secret gloves opens you the way to younger, healthier look.

    It is so simple to make a huge difference, and you can be sure that once you try Harem's Secret exfoliating gloves will be your indispensible care tool as a toothbrash is.

    Benefits of HS Exfoliating Glove

    Exfoliating Body Glove Exfoliating Face Glove
    • Prepares your skin through exfoliation/peeling for long-lasting, healthy sun tan! Just perfect!
    • Quick and Easy slough away dead skin cells through natural peeling
    • Instantly reveals fresh, new skin
    • Boosts microcirculation through massage and helps get healthy and younger looking skin
    • Boosts skin renewal
    • Visually reduces appearance of acne scars and marks
    • Help to detoxify your whole body
    • Helps collagen reproduction
    • Keeps pores open
    • Increases oxygen and moisture absorption
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    • Gently exfoliates "tired" skin cells and prepares your face for a sunshine bath!
    • Visually reduces appearance of acne scars and marks
    • Help to detoxify your whole face
    • Visually removes toxins and impurities from the pores
    • Helps to prevent acne and other skin disorders
    • Visually reduces appearance of wrinkles
    • Makes your lips softer, smoother and reddish through lip peeling
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